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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Why vote for me as an independent? How can I change things for the better?

Hi there,

everyone is asking me how can I really make a difference as an independent?
How will I be able to cope without the support of a party behind me?
Wont the major parties ignore us if we vote in an independent? Isn't this asking for trouble?
Do I lean labour, liberal, green, crazy or what? I can't really be independent....can I? Who do I really represent?

What does voting 1 Ivan McKay actually mean?

First up, let me say this : I am an independent.
I am not, nor have ever been, a member of any political party.

I would say that my views on many issues that affect the community I live in are balanced, rational, considered and firm. However, I am willing to be informed and can change these views when presented with compelling evidence. Who wouldn't? I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I'm not so arrogant to think I know better than experts in their field and people with greater experience than me.

So where do my views come from? Was I born with a silver spoon in my mouth or am I some crazy passionate person hellbent on a single issue platform? Neither of these. Some of my opinions are more grounded in social and community needs, others are more focussed on the personal freedom of choice, whilst some are more concerned with being able to pass on a good future for my children and their children. But they all come from my own experiences and my own aspirations for my future and our next generation.

And you can see what these views are in my blog - I am am not ashamed to publish them, and I wont cloak them in polly speak and spin.

I also believe that none of these views are effectively represented by any one party philosophy.

And I also firmly believe that no single party can effectively represent everyone in the Bega electorate like an independent could.

And most importantly I reckon I could do a kick arse job, too!

So you will know where you stand with me if your vote 1 Ivan McKay.

Vote 1 for Ivan McKay and not only be be represented, but be represented honestly.

So back to the questions - if elected, how would I cope without a party behind me?
Well, the political system does allow MPs to engage assistants to help them work in their electorate. These people are not funded from a political parties own resources, but your taxes.
But most importantly, I would have the community to assist me.

Unlike every other candidate that is a representative of a political party in the electorate of Bega, I don't have the arrogance to think I know whats best for you. And I am willing to engage with and listen to the community  to hear your needs, and represent you first, not my party. And to ask the community to help me do this.

I wont filter your views and only represent and act on those that align with my political party, because I am an independent and don't have to toe any political party line. I am free to represent anyone and everyone in the Bega electorate. Unlike the party representatives.

Now, the big question - aren't we asking for trouble by not voting for a party representative?
Don't the party machines love this feeling! Of course they want you to feel this way.
They want you to feel scared, and powerless, and beholden to them for 'fixing the problems'...

They don't want you to remember that they probably created the probems they are 'fixing'.
They don't want you to remember that their budget is our money.
They certainly don't want you to think that you actually should have some sort of input into the whole political system beyond a single day of voting every 4 years.

And the last thing they want is for the community to be firm with them and stand up for what they want.
They certainly don't want to have to negotiate with actual people, rather than engage in back room deals with powerful lobby groups representing who really knows...

But aren't we better off with a party representative?
Ask yourself this - what has Andrew Constance done for this electorate? No doubt he has a large and long list of achievements, he has been our elected representative for 8 long, lean years. There is no denying that he has worked hard. But as an opposition member, what influence did he really have in these outcomes? Absolutely none, of course, because they were all as a result of the labour government. Of course, he will tell you he did, but the reality is whatever was spent in this electorate was because of the NSW abour government, not because of the NSW liberal party policy or Mr Constance's efforts.

Ask yourself, do you  want another 4 years of this? I don't !

I want some attention and action in this electorate. I am sick of being taken for granted. And even if the liberals do get in, and Mr Constance is elected as our representative for Bega for another 4 long years, what can he achieve then? Only what his liberal party will let him do, and even then only at most what they have promised for our region...Which is almost nothing! Just a lot of promises for some planning money and more 'hard work'... And Mr Constance can only deliver these pitiful few things for us if , and only if, the liberal party do gain government..... Whether Mr Constance is elected or not.

So, why not vote 1 Ivan McKay and send a message to the liberals and the other major parties that we need more than vague promises of working harder and next to nothing funding for more "planning" but no actual spending.

And what if labour gets in? what have they promised for our electorate? Do we want another 4 years with a liberal representative being able to do nothing under a labour government, or a labour representative under a liberal government? Or even an actual party rep working for their party which is in government  - but which has promised us nothing at all?

I don't!

Wouldn't you prefer an independent who can act on your behalf and be able to form coalitions with other members of parliament to get things done in this electorate?

Vote 1 Ivan McKay this election and make a real change for our community.

kind regards
Ivan McKay
Independent Candidate for Bega NSW 2011
Giving our community a real choice this election

No secrets, no spin, no party politics - just genuine representation
Make a difference this election, vote for a genuine, independent and local voice!
Vote 1 Ivan McKay, Independent. 

Pass this message on and Vote1 Ivan McKay for real representation.
Tell your friends, there is a genuine choice for change this election!
Visit my blog to find out more:

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