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Friday, 18 March 2011

If elected how will I formulate policy?

Hi there,

I have had a few swinging voters ask me how I can formulate real, detailed policy on the "big issues" without the resources of a party machine behind me.

This is a really good question.

My answer is really simple.

If elected the community in the Bega electorate will be my source of expertise. These volunteers whom are geuninely interested and passionate about their issue will be invited to participate in any process where we develop the answers to the needs of our communities, not simply implementing the generic "one size fits all" ideas that the partys are trying to convince you is your only choice.

That doesn't mean that in this process we would ignore input from other epxerts, groups, organsiations and other parties, just that at the end of the day, the votes I make in Sydney would be based on a considered and informed process which would reflect the needs of my community, not a party machine.

Even for the issues which aren't directly specific to this community. I will still listen to and work for the residents of this community and represent our views when it comes to lobbying and voting in Sydney. Not a hidden agenda of powerful lobby groups working on whichever major party most aligns with their naked philosophical view of the world.

kind regards
Ivan McKay
Independent Candidate for Bega NSW 2011
Giving our community a real choice this election

No secrets, no spin, no party politics - just genuine representation
Make a difference this election, vote for a genuine, independent and local voice!
Vote 1 Ivan McKay, Independent. 

Pass this message on and Vote1 Ivan McKay for real representation.
Tell your friends, there is a genuine choice for change this election!
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