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Friday, 11 March 2011

What is my commitment to lowering the cost of living (especially electricity) in the Bega electorate?

I am an independent candidate in this election, and am not affiliated with any party. 

Therefore a vote for me is a vote for real change, because I represent the only opportunity anyone in this electorate has to make our votes count, rather than trying to decide between the same old parties making the same old mistakes. 

I live in this electorate, and have done it tough at times. Most of us have at one time or another. I can’t speak for the other candidates, but I know what it is like to get a helping hand when in need, and for the short term this is something that I would work hard for the people of this electorate to be able to access as well - nobody seems to really care for the forgotten majority, only those people living in the 'marginal seats' where a party might lose their majority in government. Of course any short term solution should be means tested, to make sure it goes the furthest with those that need it the most.

But in the long run, we need sustainable answers for our future, not handouts. 

Why wait for someone else to tell us what to do, when we can take the initiative ourselves. For example, why can’t we produce our own energy and sell the surplus? Why be reliant on someone else, living somewhere else, to decide what we as a community can and can’t do to make our lives better? 

Vote 1 for Ivan McKay this election, send a clear message and don't let your vote be taken for granted!

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