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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Post mortem of Liberla candidates threat to "knock my head off"

Hi there,
I have had a few replies and feedback to my post about Andrew Constance threatening to knock my block off at the Eden fishermans Club.

Some have said that I should suck it up, that this is politics. Others have riased concenrs that I shouldn't be seen to be p'playing the man' insteadof the policies that are important.

Except my policy difference is that I will represent this electorate first, not a party. So my main eleciton policy is entirely and all about the work I will do in this electorate for this electorate, not work done for the party by taking our votes for granted.

But I am seriously thinking about sending out a media release about the behaviour, so that  he is outed for behaving in such an unprofessional manner.
I mean, do we really want someone who makes threats like this and behaves like a school yard bully to represent us?
Is Andrew Constance so confident of being returned to power next week that he has forgotten how to behave in public?

This outburst actually follows hot on the heels of his rude and dismissive comments made to both me and the general public on Monday night in Merimbula, when he kept interrupting a member of the public who was trying to ask a question about $2 million in funding that AC apparently was able to find - and wrote about in the MNW and other papers (as AC is an oppostion member I find this difficult to believe), as part of the merger of two local public schools...but in fact has not materialised anywhere...
and then he also kept interrupting me when I was talking about the local health/hospital situation, again, quite rude and dismissive "you don't know what you are talking about", "why don't you shut up", and when pushed to advise exactly what he is prmising to deliver for this electorate ovethe next 4 years, not saying much at all.

Is it jsut me or does this behaviour illustrate just how out of touch Mr Constance and the liberals are with the local Bega electorate?

If any other candidate had made these remarks, either to Mr Constance or another candidate, of course they would not be tolerated and we would have been brought to taks over them. Why should we put up with this behaviour because Mr Constance is the sitting member?

Andrew Constance is so confident of being returned to power that he has already started stating so in his presentations to the general public, as he let slip during the Eden presentations.

There is such a thing as confidence and then there is arrogance. Unfortunately for us and the rest of the voters in this electorate, Mr Constance is so arrogant that he doesn’t think he even has to represent us to get out vote.
And now apparently Mr Constance even feels that he can openly threaten other candidates for daring to challenge him. How outrageous.

The liberal party has promised nothing for this electorate except more of the same inaction, despite claiming to have already won the election.
If the liberals are in Government and Andrew Constance wins the seat of Bega, then there is nothing to stop them from finally  fixing our roads, hospitals and infrastructure.
But the problem is, for some reason they just seem to think that they can get away with doing nothing real for this electorate for another 4 years.
No wonder people are angry with all of the major parties, not just the labour party, with an attitude like this.
We have to ask outselves - do we want bullies and party yes men representing us or do we want real representation?
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