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Friday, 11 March 2011

Fixing the Princes Highway - lifeline of the lower south coast of NSW

We all know that the Princes Highway is the lifeblood of the south coast of NSW. Residents, tourists and commercial traffic are on it every day, in increasing numbers, creating wealth, opportunities and enhancing all of our lives. 

We also know it can be deadly, with several well known blackspots. I myself have witnessed several accidents on this highway, the most recent today (Saturday 12 March) at Dr Georges mountain, coming home form the Bermagui Seaside Fair, along with dozens of other vehicles on the road at the time. I don't think anyone was seriously hurt, and we asked if we could help but the people unfortunately involved were under good care and we moved on.

So why do our local and state governments continue to let the highway decline in maintenance and safety?

It just doesn't need need fixing,  it needs to be totally revamped in some places and made future proof.

Don't we deserve this? Of course we do. The accident I saw today may not have happened if the road wasn't so narrow and dangerous. So why isn't this maintenance and improvement  happening? 

Because this electorate is taken for granted. They expect you to vote liberal and they believe that they don't have to do anything to get your support. They expect you to feel scared about change and that you might feel that it is  "better the devil you know". 

Don't we deserve more than this condescending attitude? 

Send a message this election - vote 1 Ivan McKay and your preferred party 2.

Lets not pussy foot around - the parties have made some promises, as usual. Vague  promises to 'seriously look at' or 'a promise to consider this if the budget allows it'...but they control the budget don't they? 

And they have made no promises about the roads in our electorate. None. Do they think that we are all so easily confused and misdirected, that maybe we wont even notice? 

And let's be serious about this, lives are at stake - we don't need another temporary band aid solution or some slap-dash topping up a few pot holes or putting up another yellow go slow sign. 

We need a long term road infrastructure plan that takes into account our  traffic usage now and what we can expect for the future.  I know that many incumbent opposition liberal members have been unable to convince labour to fix this road from Wollongong down. They are blaming labour, the existing government, for the condition of our highway, and rightly so. But what will the liberals do about it if they win government? Nothing concrete so far....

But if I am elected and the NSW parliament is hung or in a delicate coalition then you can bet your bottom dollar that this issue will be on the table for funding in this electorate. Would a party representative be able to force change for this electorate? I don't think so. I don't think they would even consider it as an option, as it isn't in the parties interests.

This scenario isn't that far fetched, and it is something the major parties don't want you to think about - the last thing that they want you to think is that you have a real choice in this election! 

Remember, we get the government we deserve - we voted for them! But we can send a message that we are not happy by voting for an independent, not a party. 

At this election, Vote 1 Ivan McKay and your preferred party at number 2.

Ivan McKay
Independent Candidate for Bega NSW 2011

Giving our community a real choice this election

No secrets, no spin, no party politics - just genuine representation

Make a difference this election, vote for a genuine, independent and local voice!

Vote 1 Ivan McKay, Independent. 

Pass this message on and Vote1 Ivan McKay for real representation.

Tell your friends, there is a genuine choice for change this election!

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