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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Why vote 1 for Ivan McKay this election? Because it is a vote for you!

Hi there,

well, we are almost into the final week. Don't forget to keep spreading the message! We can make a difference this eleciton by Voting 1 for your only genuine independent, Ivan McKay.

Most of the papers are doing final comments and forums next week for the candidates as the election weekend looms.

And these final questions are all starting to coallesce to the same question/message :

Why vote for Ivan McKay?

Well, it's simple really.

You will get honesty, real genuine representation and commitment.

You will get someone who actually lives in this electorate. And because of this, you will get someone who knows and understands what it is like to not have decent health services, poor roads, unpredictable employment and wonders what sort of education their kids will get.

You will get someone actively involved in their community, not just someone canvassing votes and trying to do deals at election time. You will get someone who can listen, has an open mind and does not have to toe the party line. You will get empowerment, independence and freedom of choice.

You wont get arrogance, imposed cookie cutter solutions and a party representative more interested in their next party promotion than listening to your needs.

You wont get a career politician hiding behind their parties statistics and figures which result in meaningless outcomes for this community, like Andrew Constance. You wont get someone saying one thing in the local papers and behind closed doors but then voting another way in Parliament.

At this election vote 1 Ivan McKay and make the liberal party stop taking our votes for granted in this electorate.

I am the only independent candidate at this election, and I am standing up because I think the major parties have lost touch. I am the only candidate representing  genuine choice.
I will work for everyone, not a party machine. I will listen to and work for the people of this community. I wont take your votes for granted like Andrew Constance. He can hardly be bothered to talk to us unless it’s voting time! Make him listen and vote 1 Ivan McKay this election.
This sends a message that we are sick and tired of being ignored.
But what if I don't get elected? Wont your vote be wasted? No!
If you are worried about wasting your vote, then put a 2 against your preferred party: how hard is that? When the votes are counted, the message will be clear - we are unhappy. The parties will have to listen or lose office. 

Your vote gets counted again if I don't get in, going to your preferred party - but you will have sent them a strong message to start listening. You can't lose!
But really, bottom line, what can I do for you? How can I compete against the party machines?
Well, I wont. I will use them to our advantage. I believe that there is a very strong chance that the NSW State parliament will be hung and will require a new coalition to form a government. But the parties don't want you thinking like that!
The parties don't want you to think you have any other choice but a party! They are taking us all for fools.
So, I wont compete with the parties. I wont have to, in a hung parliament the independents have the balance of power. I will simply do what needs to be done and represent my community.
In fact, I already work for and represent my community, and have done so for many years. I do this in my own time, and don’t get paid for it.
Andrew and the liberals can’t be bothered to talk to us unless they have to. Andrew is a career politician and not interested in his local community. Ask yourself, what has he achieved for this electorate after 8 years? Not much, which is such a disgrace it should be a crime. What has he done for us? For this electorate?

But this isn't fair - - he was working as an oppositon member under the labour government. OK, so after 8 years of being held back he can finally do something for us if the liberals get in! yay! Wont that be fantastic! what is he ogign to do first? fix health? no. Roads? No. Infrastructure spending? No...what is he goign to do? nothing actually. No moneyhas been allocated to this electorate by the liberals if they get in. Hang on, I thought that Andrew Constance couldn't do anythign becuase he was an oppostion member working under a labour government. But this looks like no change at all?

Do you want another 4 years of nothing much representing you? I sure don't.

If Andrew is re-elected we will pay him $1.2 million over these 4 years- don't we deserve something for this representation?
I live in this community. I think Andrew only pays lip service. He thinks it is OK to say one thing to us, but then vote differently in Parliament. This will never happen if I am elected.
Andrew is arrogant, does not care about you and me and has lost touch. He is more concerned about increasing his annual $300,000 politicians’ income by becoming a Minister. The last thing he has on his mind is genuinely helping us.

If elected I wont let this happen and will represent you.
Bottom line is the Liberals aren’t promising much for us. They will pretend they are, with lots of numbers, announcements and adds – but how much will actually be spent here, in this electorate?  Are we getting a new hospital? No.
Are we getting our roads fixed? No.
Are we getting fair funding for our public schools? No.
Are we getting representation for everyone in this electorate? No.
But, if parliament is hung we may never get another opportunity to get these things that we need. Hospitals, better roads, genuine employment and well funded public education.
If Andrew Constance and the Liberals get in we wont get any of these things. This is a fact.
Is this OK with you?  It isn't OK with me.
Vote 1 Ivan McKay, and vote for yourself.
Ivan McKay
Independent Candidate for Bega NSW 2011

Giving our community a real choice this election

No secrets, no spin, no party politics - just genuine representation

Make a difference this election, vote for a genuine, independent and local voice!

Vote 1 Ivan McKay, Independent. 

Pass this message on and Vote1 Ivan McKay for real representation.

Tell your friends, there is a genuine choice for change this election!

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