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Friday, 11 March 2011

Who is really representing us?

Wouldn't it be nice if the people we voted in to represent us in government actually represented us? Our needs, our community, our future?

Sadly, we are usually only given a choice of the major parties at election time, and it rapidly becomes a race to the bottom of trying to decide who we want least in power, rather than who we think might actually do a good job. Do they represent us or their party hierarchy?

So I am pretty disillusioned with all the major parties, and have never been comfortable with the far out variety either. But what could I do? What choice did I have for this election? Who would I vote for only because the others were just that much worse? no real choice...unless I stood as an independent myself.

Which is what I have done for the Bega electorate in the 2011 NSW State elections.

I don't have the party machine behind me, their money or their scripted answers.

I just have myself, my considered opinions, a balanced view and my unwavering belief that as a community we really do have the skills and experience and wisdom to manage ourselves.

We don't need to settle for second best and be told what to do by an invisible party machine in Sydney.

Vote 1 Ivan McKay this election and make your voice heard.

Send a clear message that our votes can't be taken for granted, that the needs of our communities that make up the Bega electorate can't be ignored any more.

Vote 1 Ivan McKay (and then your preferred party).

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