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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Response to WRAG re Wolumla CWF sent 24Aug12

Dear Jeff,
thanks for your email updating me on the feedback you are receiving wrt to the CWF, and might I just say congratulations (from an 'admin' perspective) - it is great to see the collected responses (to date) of the candidates (those that have responded so far) on this issue but most importantly all in one place - it allows a real appreciation for the range of responses. Some weasel spin words in some of them.... :)
and a pity that council decisions aren't also so plainly visible. If elected I would hope to make this part of the council process more obvious.
WRAG has certainly become much more very sophisticated, which is great to see.
I have had some time to go over the responses and your earlier email, and find that I am tending to agree with two logical approaches that are important to me :
1) if council has made a legally binding decision then this needs to be carried through, so in that respect I would support the defined usage of the CWF as outlined by previous council. If this decision could be changed then I would consider support this also, eg if we can find a suitable piece of crown land (as offerred by Andrew constance/NSW Gov) and whatever other important factors line up to make it feasible. Big ifs here...
My understanding with this offer is that it is merely lip service at this stage - the council would still have to find and investigate the land, do an EIS and explain to the larger community the benefit of moving the CWF after so much time and money has already been wasted.
2) however, when the facts change, I am inclined to change my mind as well....
But I don't think the facts have changed here.
Whilst one of my key positions is to be proactive for the tech sector and innovation in general, in this context I am not sure of what the increased value this NBN faciltiy brings to the shire if located in the CWF - it is an upload satelite station, whom will relocate a small number of skilled staff from elsewhere to man it, and it wont bring the NBN to our region any faster....there are many other accessible mountain tops with good satellite access in the BVS, so I don't understand the necessity for this to be part of the CWF.
I hope this clarifies my position with you


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