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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Response to Bega District News 27Aug12

Dear Ben,

please find below my response to the BDN election Q&A forum for candidates, for 6th September (in advance - I may vary this response between now and the 6th...)

BDN Q&A due 10am Thursday 6 September 100-150words
Q: And a few from BDN readers (as requested in a recent editorial of mine) – What importance/priority do you place on: Rural roads? On Ecologically Sustainable Development? The idea of a planning commission independent of government?

Prioritisation is difficult – without focus you can’t expect to get things done, but achieving goals to the exclusion of new information is just as bad. Our shire faces the uniquely regional problem of maintaining services to a dispersed population, something our plans for the future must address. If we stick to rates, roads and rubbish then a tug of war between dwindling resources and increasing costs will be the result. It’s obvious that we can’t hope for some other bureaucracy to save us - we need to become self sufficient in meeting our needs and to pay for the services we want. Taking risks, investing in innovation, attracting new industries to the shire like IT and knowledge based services and properly valuing what is unique about where we live will allow us to grow our resources and maintain our quality of life. Paying for our services then becomes much easier.


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