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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Response to MNW 31Aug12 regarding preferences

Dear Liz, Deniser

as a true independent I am not aligning with any other candidates. Of course I will be casting my own vote with preferences, but I would encourage my supporters to simply vote 1 Ivan McKay and then follow their own inclination based on existing issues that are important to them.

I would however encourage others to consider these principles when trying to choose their preferences:
1) I want to encourage change in our council and the only way to do that is to change the council - vote 1 Ivan McKay and then place subsequent numbers (at least 2-5) against the names of new candidates, not any existing counselors.
2) I would encourage gender and age equity on our council. Vote 1 Ivan McKay for a younger, more energetic council. Then place subsequent numbers (at least 2-5) against female candidates names to ensure that we don't have a council full of old men.
3) I would encourage more professional disciplines and experiences on the council - there are too many lawyers and too many farmers. I am not a lawyer or a farmer. Vote 1 Ivan McKay then place subsequent votes (at least 2-5) against those candidates that are not farmers or lawyers.
4) I would encourage a broader geographical representation of the shire - I feel that the current council representation (and candidates)  favours the north of the shire. Vote 1 Ivan McKay to spread the geographical representation further south and then place subsequent numbers (at least 2-5) against candidates from the south of the shire.

kind regards

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