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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Response to Eden Magnet's Q&A due 27Aug12

Dear Sarah,

thanks for asking me to participate in the Magnet's Q&A for candidates in the upcoming BVShire council elections.

Please find my responses to your two questions below:

Q1: What are your thoughts on a kerbside waste collection service for bulky items such as televisions and old furniture once or twice a year? Or, alternatively, the suggestion that people be permitted to dump their bulky items council’s tips for free on one or two days a year?
What a great idea, bringing us in line with other councils and reducing illegal dumping. Cost should be a consideration and if elected I would recommend the council run both options to see which might be more effective, starting with the ‘free tip day’.

Q2: What are your thoughts on the inclusion of the yellow bin collection at 2000 selected rural properties? The Magnet was told one pensioner had been charged $370 for the service and says they do not need it.
I believe in user pays, but it’s also about balance –taking advantage of all the benefits of living in a community sometimes means you have to pay for services you don’t want, like these bins, but in return you get access to services that you haven’t paid for directly out of your own pocket, like roads.

kind regards

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