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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Response to Eden Magnet Q&A due 4September 12

Dear Mr Law,

here is my response for the Eden Magnet's latest Candidate forum questions, due 12 noon Tuesday 4th September (100 words in total).

EM due 12 noon Tuesday 4 September, 100 words response in total
Question 1: Eden has been facing difficult financial times in recent years. Shops are closing, sporting teams struggle for numbers as families move away, and should the situation worsen, there is real concern for the future of what retail assets we have left and the town itself.
With those factors in mind, what are your ideas for stimulating growth and employment opportunities in Eden?
Answer1:This is a sad predicament all over. But if council can’t lead the way, it should get out of the way. We can’t buy jobs or predict the future, but we can reduce redtape to encourage new business, innovation and entrepreneurs to come to Eden and give it a go.

Question 2: Are you taking the option to preference other candidates for this election? If so, who have you chosen to preference?
Answer2: As an independent, I haven’t aligned with any candidates or political parties. But if we want change, then the only chance we have is this weekend. Vote 1 Ivan McKay for a candidate with genuine community activities, new perspectives and a proven track record. Visit to find out more.

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