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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Letter to the MNW editor for 22 August 2012

Hello there,
 here is my letter othe Merimbula Ews weekly containing my Q&A response for the newspaper of the 22.

100 words is still a tight word limit, which I don't think encourages honest responses, but that's politics, right? Actually, I don't think it should be, the more we dumb things down the more we think problems can be resolved in simple sound bites, but life just isn't that simple. but we can't change stuff overnight...

Dear Liz,
Thank you again for allowing me to participate in the MNW’s council election Q&A, please find my response to this week’s question below.
100 words is still very tight….whilst I do understand that it makes us candidates get to our point(s) very succinctly…it also forces us to only skate on the surface of what are really weighty and important issues....and might be hiding that for some candidates this might be as deep as it does get….
If, however, you feel that this limit might be increased in the future I would appreciate any advanced warning that you can give.
Of course, I appreciate that if I was really concerned about the issue I could provide a more in depth ‘media release’ about the topic.
FYI (although you probably already know) the BDN is allowing 100-150 words per topic they have selected, and have provided their topics up front.
What would you do to generate jobs growth in the Bega Valley Shire ?
My strategy is to create a modern community with a long term future of sustainable growth, not react in a knee jerk fashion to every ‘crisis’. I don’t have all the answers, but I do believe that a council needs to have a clear vision which allows innovation to prosper, not turn in on ourselves. We face many challenges, including becoming a knowledge economy, an aging population and preservation of our environment. Innovation allows problems like these to be turned into opportunities. Investing in our local people and unlocking and releasing business potential will see these opportunities turn into reality.

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