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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Letter to the BDN for 17 August 2012

Hi there,

here is my response to the Bega district News (BDN) Q&A for the upcoming local council elections for this Saturday 8th september.

BDN Q&A due 10am Thursday 16 August 2012 – 100-150 words
How do you feel the council is regarded by the ratepayers? Is it representative of the entire shire and effective in responding to public issues raised? If elected, how do you intend to foster/alter those perceptions?

I feel that the role of the council is still respected, but it has lost its shine. Most ratepayers I have spoken to are confused about the role of the council, how it makes its decisions and how an ordinary person can engage with a councillor to represent them. I think the perceived parochialism needs to be dealt with openly, and any other issues raised over the next 4 years need to be measured against a grander community vision and value system rather than being reacted to in a knee jerk fashion. My vision is living in a vibrant, energetic and sustainable community, full of opportunities for young and old, enjoying a quality of life that is the envy of Australia. To achieve this our council must represent us; listen to and respect our skills, strengths and experiences and provide value by breaking down barriers and speaking plainly.

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