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Friday, 1 April 2011

Last blog - for now!

Hello there,

Just quickly, as I know most of us hate long drawn out and teary farewells....this will probably be my last blog for a while (although probably not my last). At this moment in time I do intend to have a tilt at the local Bega Valley Shire Council election in 2012, so keep an ear out!

And as for this election, wow! what an exhilerating challenge and experience. Thanks to everyone who voted for me!

Obviously congratulations are due to the liberals but let's not forget all the other candidates whom stood up for democracy and what they believe in as well. I am proud to stand, albeit in just a very small way, beside them in this electorate.

And just over 5% of the Bega electorate liked what I had to say....unless pulling the first square on the ballot paper scored a lot of donkey votes! Even if I do say so myself I think this is quite an achievement considering that I did not have any advertising, not much profile or awareness of who I was in the community, no party philosophy or policy support or an army of volunteers to help out!

Thanks to everyone whom voted, as of Saturday 2nd April 2011 the ABC election website is saying that almost 92% of  the votes for Bega have been counted and I am sitting on a whopping (from my perspective!) 5.3 % or 2,336 well wishes. I am very proud and excited to have had a go, despite the fait accomple cicumstances of this election...the sooner we realise the limitations of the two party system the better!

I also hope Andrew Constance realises the enormity of his responsibiltiy to represent the people of this electorate, especially now that there is no place to hide. After 8 years of 'oppostion member' excuses he will have to either put up and deliver what little he promised for us, or risk being exposed once and for all as just another career party politician. I sincerely hope that for all our sakes Mr constance does deliver, 4 years is a very long time to put up with under funded roads and hospitals, to name just two issues affecting all of us.

all the best,
Ivan McKay
Independent Candidate for Bega NSW 2011
Giving our community a real choice this election

No secrets, no spin, no party politics - just genuine representation
Make a difference this election, vote for a genuine, independent and local voice!
Vote 1 Ivan McKay, Independent.
working for you: real representation, real change, real honesty in politics 

Pass this message on and Vote1 Ivan McKay for real representation.
Tell your friends, there is a genuine choice for change this election!
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