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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Comments on the Centre for Cival Society linkedIn thread

Hi there,
I have been following the very interesting and exciting discussions on the LinkedIn forum "The Heart and Soul of Australia", and thought they were worth recording this blog as well, as they mirror many of my own values, perceptions, opinions and conclusions. 
I recommend that you join the gourp if you like what you see!
to which the followign comment was made by:
Laurie V VaughanDefinitely worth the effort.- The adage "we get the politicians we deserve" has been true for 2000 years.
The party system is an infinite series of compromises unless a really strong Chifley or Menzies type takes the reins.
Love or hate him Hawke took charge and got a few things done. As did Howard.! Politicians strong enough to manage the compromises. Ms Gillard is making the effort, I think she is tough! The national campaign to unseat her ,currently unrolling ,ia a classic demonstration of the manipulation of the National Press. The Herald sun's campaign is blatant. the Daily Screamer has been headlining anti labour (Read Gillard ) headlines now for weeks.
Seems the balanced journalistic approach has evaporated.
We are left to wonder why.!
Has anybody wondered why the next election has a referendum attached asking about marriage ??? and just incidentely "PLEASE VOTE YES AS WELL TO AMEND THE LEGALISATION OF A THIRD TIER OF GOVERNMENT" the real reason for the referendum!!!.
Already defeated in 2 previous referendums 75 and 86. NO NO NO!!!
How would you like a fully legal set of new laws ,taxes and charges supplemented again!!!
How many times will they try get more control than already in place. Local CEO s are already some of the highest paid local Government executives $400-600K PA.                                         
and my reply, as follows:
Hi Teresa and Laurie
your comments strike a nerve with me too. Laurie's comment that the political system is an "infinite series of compromises" is true and pragmatic and necessary, but all too often comes unstuck for two main reasons (I think!):

firstly, yes, without clear and strong leadership (which needs some sort of obvious support as well, like a party) issues can be easily misdirected, because nobody knows how the issue should be managed or resolved or negotiated away; and

secondly, issues get misdirected because even with strong leadership to defend them, without a clear and strong sense of purpose, how does a politician know what the issue’s value to the community is, or why it is important to be resolved? This sense of purpose is what I think many of our politician’s might be missing…(Teresa's "genuine persons" suggestion), eg are they representing us or a party or indeed maybe just themselves?...specially with the rise of career politicians whom have had no real experience in the real world – amazing politicians, adept at political manoeuvring but could they be out of touch with ordinary Australians...I don’t know many people where I live who earn over $150,000, let alone $100,000 or even over $75,000….

My local state and fed reps were ‘parachuted in’ as the saying goes, with various amounts of ridiculous ‘family history’ supposedly justifying their ability to understand the local region (which I don’t really care about), and yes – the local community did vote them in, so we get the government we deserve, but did the local community feel like they had a genuine choice? And who parachuted in these people in the first place? The party machines….to win power, not to represent the local community….
Ivan McKay

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