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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Council Elections BVSC 2012 - predictions of the issues

Well the next Bega Valley Shire Council election is due later this year (October 2012?), and I am wondering what the issues will be this time? The big issues last time in 2008 were the Wolumla tip (which has been effectively (aka legally) settled) and the local Pambula Hospital closure.

This time around I don't think the tip will get much airplay, being a done deal and all, but the hospital 'not closing but sort of' is still a very sore point for many on the lower south coast region. I don't know how local state representative  Andrew Constance will extricate himself from his election promises to 'fix it', no doubt someone will point out some convoluted weasel words or political spin which will make sure the blame falls elsewhere, such is the way of modern politics now. Why can't our representatives just mean what they say and say what they mean?

Other issues are probably the Merimbula airport (it is starting to feel as complicated as a Dan Brown novel now, sans the churchy stuff), sewerage management/outfall, ongoing native forest issues (SEFE pellet plant) and as always costs of running the council and the shire itself. Not sure if the 20 year plan will get any real discussion. And what sort of a political discussion these days can get away without some reference to the peak oil energy crisis and alternative energy production?

So here is my list (subject to change without notice :)

  • imminent 'not really' closure of Pambula hospital;
  • Merimbula airport;
  • sewerage/outfall;
  • forestry issues/SEFE pellet plant proposal
  • alternative energy/wind farm near Eden

looking forward to the debates and how close my prediction is!

and yes, I will probably nominate myself as a candidate - I honestly just think I can do a much better job. It is not enough to point out our problems, we have to also be prepared to offer (or seek) solutions and step up to implement it.

cheers and see you next time
Ivan :)

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